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Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Better World Properties is an Industry Leader in Multi-Family Real Estate

Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate professional with decades of experience that have led him to become an expert on the subject of multi-family housing units. Below, he shares how Better World Properties, LLC is an industry leader in multi-family real estate and what elements other developers should model after their practices. A major voice in […]

Igor Krivoruchko

Igor Krivoruchko Helps Readers Understand Why Multi-family Real Estate is on the Upward Climb

Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate expert with decades of industry experience to his name, especially in apartment communities and other multi-family housing. Below, he helps readers understand how trends in multi-family real estate are rising and what’s driving the move from single-family units.  For over two decades, Igor Krivoruchko has been an instrumental component […]

Igor Krivoruchko Discusses the Tech Potentials of Current and Future Multi-Family Communities

As a residential partner, Igor Krivoruchko has worked in the real estate industry for two decades where he’s overseen projects focused on modern apartment communities and multi-family properties. Igor Krivoruchko has worked in real estate since 1999, but he took a more focused approach in 2004 when he centered his career on the development of multi-family properties (such […]